NeuroDevNet presents at #CKF14 conference in Saskatoon, SK June 9-10, 2014 – Indicators, evaluation framework, risk perceptions in KT

by Anneliese Poetz, KT Manager, NeuroDevNet

NeuroDevNet’s KT Core recently attended the 3rd annual Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on June 9-10, 2014. There were almost 100 Knowledge Translation/Knowledge Mobilization specialists in attendance, the theme was ‘innovation’.

David Phipps (Lead, KT Core) presented a PechaKucha (20 slides, 20 seconds each) on the Network’s Co-Produced Pathway to Impact (CPPI) framework for evaluating the impact of KTEE, and Anneliese Poetz (Manager, KT Core) presented on indicators that have been mapped onto the CPPI.

NeuroDevNet is in the process of completing a suite of indicator definitions for measuring the impact of their KTEE activities.  Defining indicators for data collection is important for 1) reporting impact to funders, 2) for comparison across KT activities/services 3) in future, comparison across NCEs.  This data will help in terms of decision-making (about how to refine services offered by the KT Core).  It is also useful for gathering ‘institutional memory’ for succession planning.  Indicator definitions need to be more comprehensive than just a title such as “number of…” or “percentage of…”.   The KT Core plans to explore the use of MS Access instead of Excel for ease of data entry.  Anneliese’s presentation can be viewed on slideshare:

An example of a complete definition was handed out to those in attendance at the presentation and can be viewed on slideshare:


Anneliese also presented on her previous research about how organizations make decisions using different types of information.  The model that emerged for knowledge translation, introduced the concept of risk perception as an important consideration in any KT strategy.


In addition to the CPPI evaluation framework and activities related to measuring impact of the KT Core’s services and the Network’s activities, the KT Core provides consultation services to NeuroDevNet researchers and trainees.

If you would like to know how to evaluate the impact of your KT activities within NeuroDevNet, are planning to host a KT Event and would like assistance developing an evaluation form, or have any questions related to evaluation of your KT Products, contact Anneliese Poetz, KT Core Manager.

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